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We’ve Given The Monthly Care Package A Pretty Amazing Makeover!

We change the narrative on fashion and beauty for college girls and alumna everywhere.

How are we going to change the energy women place on their outer beauty with that of their inner? Why is this even important? Well, for us, we like to imagine young ladies fastening dazzling baubles and beautiful dresses while feeling completely and utterly in love with their reflection in the mirror. We believe those small moments of self-approval and esteem bring about the ability to impact the world. That’s why it’s important, and that’s why we do what we do.

Cheers to Girl Power. We’ll all drink to that.

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How It Works

1. Select your Style Preferences

Choose your desired monthly box, shirt size and bauble style in your subscription sign-up options.

2. We curate your UniversiTee BOX

Every month you'll get hand-picked items that keep you inspired and motivated.

3. Enjoy the UniversiTee BOX

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