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When you’re starting your channel, working with brands can be tough. We save you the hassle of endless cold emails and proposals and bring the brands directly to you. Best Part? It’s free, girl! Join our army of girl vloggers who have a drive to create a network, great content, and spread a message about social product-based companies, sign up today to get started with your first campaign.

Getting Started is Super Simple!

We communicate with you regarding our current campaigns and you get to choose rather your audience would be into the product! Want in? Just complete the application to become an ambassador and #UBOXGirl in the most amazing vlogger network for girls!

How It Works

Choose Campaigns

We communicate with you regarding our current campaigns and you get to choose rather your audience would be into the product! Want in? Just a click of a button and we add you to the list.

Learn Assignment

We educate you about the brand, product and campaign so you’re not lost in an endless world of what to talk about when you get your box! A quick and easy overview of what to expect and you're ready.

We Deliver, You Review

We pack and ship your box to you for absolutely no cost! Just educate your audience on what you’ve learned in your short training, follow the instructions on your box insert, upload to YouTube and that’s it!

We Work With Brands Who Give a D*mn.

We work with socially conscious brands who are not only in the market to give you a cool product, but we work with small and large companies who have one goal – to inspire girls. That’s why along with every product, our companies send you a thoughtful affirmation card and on occasion, a cute tee that gets you stoked about life. Their goal in working with you is to see you succeed, too. We keep that front and center.

Spoil You With Some Perks.

Free Products

Our brand partners want one awesome thing, and that's to hear your opinions about their products. We send you items that could be worth up to $100 for absolutely no cost to you!

YouTube Channel Authority

Building from the ground up can make it difficult to garner the attention of the brands you want to work with personally. Show your potential partners what you're made of when working with us!

Private Social Event Invites

We ``Keep It Reel`` in real life, too! Join us in Chicago or on our various tours with VIP and first access that is given to you and only, you!

Q&A w/ High Profile Interviewees

We work with the greatest YouTubers and Influencers to privately share their secrets to building a great following. If you're in our network you get a private invite and if you're a rock star, you could be our next host!

Blogging Training and Learning

Now of course, we work diligently to help you grow as a vlogger, influencer and ultimately person. It's our goal to see you succeed so we create opportunities that help you kill it.

A Network of Vloggin’ Sisters

Who needs friends when you have #UBOXGirl sisters? (Lol. Keep your friends. No, really.) But we encourage you to be open to connecting with those in our network.

& Invite You To Our Squad of Badassery.

We are a network of girl vloggers who are interested in not only growing our YouTube channels, but ourselves, too. We’re socially conscious trendsetters who tell the world who we are in front of the camera. Our video platform supports our mission, as we invite any girl to submit a video about this and that. We’re the discovery destination for girls to learn, love and grow.