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The PossibiliTee Foundation

As we aim to increase self-awareness and esteem in all ways, our passion for empowering you goes beyond the screen. One day, we got the brilliant idea to make empowerment an even bigger part of our job. The PossibiliTee Foundation is the place where we do our good work – carving out space for the oh-so-often-ignored issues affecting young women. We’re here to give silence a voice and make a bold statement that acknowledges the inter-connected nature of confidence in oneself. We look at how confidence connects to your life because we know that it shows up in everything you do – your social life, networks, education, mental health, self-image and sense of purpose. Why? Because every part of you matters to us. By distilling in you a deep, grounded belief in yourself, we want you know that you can confidently live your life and boldly share your gifts with the world.

The PossibiliTee Project

Our biggest shindig is our annual summer conference that dives into the in’s and out’s of one major theme, in order to raise awareness for issues affecting yourself, other girls and our world.

Random Acts of Empowerment

An annual contest sponsored by UniversiTee Box that promotes a sisterhood between girls. Our contest is driven by girls that challenge each other to do random acts of empowerment.

Girls With (Dis)Abilities

A self esteem tour to classrooms across the nation that was created to positively impact confidence and self esteem development of girls with disabilities.

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