Our mission is to create the most expansive and effective storytelling portal for girls by giving her a voice and a means for expression. Dive into the stories that you love with the girls you’ll love. Here’s the latest:

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Our Story

In 2014, UniversiTee Box was born as a small t-shirt business that was organized perfectly on the dining room table of our Founder, Taylar Barrington. She’d hand fold each shirt that showcased messages about girls, women and how badass we were and still are. When she started UniversiTee Box, it was just an idea. Within six months the demand for the brand products grew exponentially and girls everywhere started catching onto the movement. Although she specifically noticed that a huge amount of folks watching were college women. In September 2015, UniversiTee Box morphed into a t-shirt subscription box for college girls. Within a year and a half, the brands community of girls and young women who love our message grew to numbers that were off the charts. In 2017, with a greater desire to reach more girls and make more noise, the UniversiTee Box has transformed into a digital destination for girls to discover their interests, passions and self. We invite you to discover stories you care about, join our army of ambassadors, and connect with us on social media!